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воскресенье, 17 апреля 2011 г.

A S T O N I S H. Fashion & Art Magazine

Magazines & gloss enter the "top10 hit-parade of feminine weakness".) Personally, I'm most interested in magazines based on fashion, art-fashion and fashion photography.

Today I want to present "ASTONISH" - a visually-driven independent fashion & art magazine with european sensibility based in San Francisco and New York City. It opens new talents of fashion and art. Despite the fact that the magazine is dominated by the photo, it's not just a visual source of information. There is no unnecessary chatter, but the information is exhaustive. In general, art, fashion, photos, and their "relationship" ;) Take a look!)


Журналы, да и глянцевая пресса в целом пожалуй войдут в 10ку хит-парада женских слабостей. Лично мне больше всего интересны журналы о моде, модном искусстве и модной фотографии. Сегодня я хочу представить американский журнал - ASTONISH MAGAZINE. Хоть его локализация в Сан-Франциско и Нью-Йорке, темперамент у него - европейский.

Последний выпуск доступен в интернете с 28 марта этого года, а осенью он поступит в печатное распространение. Он открывает молодые таланты в области моды и искусства. Не смотря на то, что в журнале преобладают фото, это не только визуальный источник информации. Тут нет лишней болтовни, а информация в результате исчерпывающая. В общем, искусство, мода, фото и их взаимосвязь на практике. Смотрим!)


In this photo-shoot I really like colors and place. Very nice looking!


This seria is excellent! Just have a look!


Also very nice one! Beautiful models, nice looks, bridges..ooh!


The one of the most interesting moments in ASTONISH MAGAZINE is its diversity.
I really like how this pink dress looks with such beautifull skin!


let's rock


an excerpt from press release:
"Astonish Magazine releases Issue Zero “Inner Goddess” available online March 28th, 2011. The much-anticipated quarterly magazine prints its upcoming Issue One, “Love, Lust, Desire” in Fall of 2011 for newsstands everywhere. Over one hundred pages of daring European-influenced content, Astonish commands the best emerging talent from all across the globe. The magazine, through global distribution, not only publishes fashion visuals, but also accompanying [social] commentary that relates to the issue’s theme.
Astonish Magazine’s Mission: Astonish is a movement, a calling for creative freedom amongst artists worldwide to create captivating masterpieces."

PS: But I must say, that my favourite photoshoots in this edition are SHIPWRECK, WILDHEARTED, WELLY GIRLS and NEW NOMAD!
SO, look it through here!

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